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STAR Certified Smog Check Station providing both regular and test-only smog checks.


Our ASE Certified Technicians perform auto repair on all makes and models.


We've rebuilt more than 50,000 carburetors and can complete most rebuilds within 24 hours.


bernardo's carburetor building

Doing good work for good people

We have been serving the Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Glassell Park, and Mount Washington area for over 30 years. Our goal when we started was to do good work for good people.Read more

About us

Bernardo's Carburetor and Smog Check is a family owned and operated business serving the community since 1980.

We are a STAR Certified Smog Check station as well as one of the last (and most experienced) carburetor rebuilders in the Los Angeles area.

We are the only shop in Los Angeles where you can have your carburetor rebuilt and your vehicle smogged at the same location. Our experienced technicians use the latest diagnostic technology to make sure your car is safe.

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