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Carburetor Rebuild

Carburetor Rebuild

We are expert carburetor rebuilders who have specialized in carburetor work since the shop opened its doors. How much experience do we have? Well, we've rebuilt over 50,000 carburetors over the past 30 years.

We have in-stock carburetor parts for most vehicles and can rebuild most carburetors within a week. We focus on quality work because vintage takes time.

We also provide emissions-related repairs for carbureted vehicles that have failed a smog check. In fact Bureau of Automotive Repair field representatives have recommended our services to customers having difficulty with emission related carburetor problems.

We know what we are doing because we like what we do and we have rebuilt a whole bunch of carburetors. Experience has equipped us with know-how and the latest diagnostic equipment confirms we meet state-wide standards.

If you have a carburetor and you want it to work like the original automotive engineers intended, bring it to us. We have the knowledge, we have the parts and we have the equipment to get it right.